5 Benefits of a Powerful Corporate Identity

5 Benefits of a Powerful Corporate Identity

A clear, well-defined corporate identity is like having your own personal North Star – it guides you towards taking business actions that make your company more:

  • Memorable

  • Trustworthy

  • Distinctive

  • Aligned

  • Secure

In modern times, due to an unrivalled upsurge in online competition, having a distinct identity and message has never been more important to help distinguish your business.

1. Powerful identity makes you memorable

Though considerably more consumers these days take the time to do a proper analysis of brand strengths and weaknesses, comparing researching and weighing up options – most still choose to go with whichever product they recognise. That’s why established companies like Apple, Coke and KFC spend billions of dollars a year on advertising to remain top of mind (brand recognition). So, although most SMEs might not have access to Fortune 500 budgets, it is still possible to implement the same thinking and benefit greatly. It’s all just a case of making yourself clearly recognisable to your customers: a solid corporate identity consists of a standardised font, logo or icon, colour palette, tone of voice, personality – all of which are portrayed consistently across all marketing collateral to represent your business.

Corporate Identity Client Tengwa Africa Logo

Figure 1: Tengwa Africa Logo

Tengwa Africa, a transport company committed to providing premium transport services in South Africa, recently invested in a corporate identity redevelopment. The end-product captures the essence of the company, while alluding to a strategic shift in the company to expand their reach – specifically present in the African continent, while the use of green references its fresh approach to business

2. Powerful identity builds trust

Customers tend to place their trust in companies that are more established. A powerful corporate identity conveying this kind of reliability will give your customers the peace-of-mind they need to do business with you. Plus, as an added advantage, people generally expect to pay more for established products and services. This is why a substandard website actually does more harm than good. Going the extra mile with a professionally branded site generates trust and credibility for years to come.


Corporate Identity - Client DÜ Paint + Tool logo with registration R

Figure 2: Dü Paint + Tool Logo with Registration

Dü Paint + Tool knows the importance of having an effective brand positioning strategy. From corporate identity to digital engagement, the company builds trust through each touchpoint, which is consistently aligned to the brand persona and its brand promise.

3. Powerful identity brings business you want

Want to learn how to make it easier for you to close sales and develop long-term customer relationships? Let’s get specific. Getting specific business entails getting specific about who you are and what you offer. Hence, curating a strong corporate identity filters leads on your behalf. The reality is you don’t want to do business with everyone; you want to do business with the people who are most aligned with your core values, because these individuals will be your best customers.

4. Corporate identity supports new business

Irrespective of challenging economic times, opportunities to introduce new products and services to the marketplace will always exist. Lead your efforts with a strong corporate identity. In order to be competitive, you must seek to cultivate emotional connections with your audience via your messaging, marketing and engagement. Apart from your people, your brand is the most valuable asset in your business. Done right, it has the potential to unleash incredible ROI.

Listening to your customers, anticipating their desires and responding by creating innovative solutions will also help to open doors.

Businesses that bolster strong, established brands can often showcase a loyal customer following to match. The reason being: it’s easier and less expensive to introduce new products to customers who already trust you than to convince strangers to try something new. Consistent inbound marketing coupled with strong brand identity work together to create enthusiastic followings who want to hear from you.

5. Corporate identity is brand equity. Protect it.

Trademark registration is a vital first step to securing and protecting the intellectual capital of your brand. Consider the time, money and effort that is invested in the development of your corporate identity and its accompanying brand assets: brand name, slogan, logo; even specific shapes and key visuals or wording that may relate to your brand. Having your intellectual property out and about without trademark support is like giving your ideas away for free.

Once registered in a specific class, nobody else can use your trademarked material – or something that is similar – without your consent.

In a recent example, we assisted Nelson Mandela University with the registration of their new corporate identity with the help of our intellectual property attorneys at Spoor & Fisher, who deliver exceptional value across its diverse client portfolio.

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We at Creative Caterpillar strive to keep these points top of mind when developing corporate identities for our clients. What we create, we endorse. What we market, we embody.

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