5 Ways a Design Agency Boosts Business

5 Ways a Design Agency Boosts Business

  • Helps establish a strong identity
  • Enhances communication
  • Improves market position
  • Increases sales
  • Builds customer loyalty

When you work in the creative space as a design agency, one of the most-asked questions is often: ‘What does a design agency do and how is it of value to your business?’.

1. Helps establish a strong business identity

In the case of Creative Caterpillar, it is always a matter of identity. Every business requires a strong image and marketing collateral to match. The reasons being – potential clients need to be able to believe what you sell, and they tend to be wary of things they can’t see, experience or understand. This is where a design agency can help.

2. Enhances communication

A design agency creates client-facing brand personas which resonate with certain audiences. This is known as a targeted approach. These personas typically have multiple touchpoints. It helps connect businesses to the right markets, making the decision-making process easier through improved communication.

3. Improve market position

At a design agency, branding exercises typically start with a corporate identity and cascade down into matters of persona (brand), image (corporate identity), voice (copywriting) and experience (website, print adverts, photography, video, music – the list goes on.) Done right, especially with mention to positioning strategy, this can improve market position and help create new markets as well.

4. Increase sales

A good design agency generates marketing concepts and strategies that increase the profitability and stability of your brand. Good design also has the power to disrupt and penetrate markets, which leads to a direct increase in revenue.

5. Build customer loyalty

We often read about creatives, coders, dreamers and doers pouring their hearts and smarts into building brands that people love. At the root of this passion lie stories – something that a good design agency can stir up at a moment’s notice. At Creative Caterpillar, we combine the power of content and data to create smarter marketing solutions that build stronger relationships with consumers.

Here’s an example of how our design agency created a brand that embodies the Nelson Mandela University Investment Company:

Design Agency - Client - Nelson Mandela University Investment Logo - Animation Logo Reveal-min

Figure 1: Nelson Mandela University Investment Company Logo

From head to toe, the brand story follows the lead of the positioning strapline: ‘Impossible, done’.

If you’d like to see what value our design agency can add to your business, visit Creative Caterpillar for more information.

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