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4 Best Practices for Vehicle Branding

4 Best Practices for Vehicle Branding At Creative Caterpillar, we keep the following four pointers in mind when developing fleet branding best practices: Keep it simple Look professional Choose fonts wisely Think three-dimensionally In addition to providing transport, vehicles present a most useful avenue for advertising. Vehicle branding can communicate company and product messages to potential customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. So much in vehicle branding ends up as clutter. You can turn this around by harnessing


The Catalyst – Simple is sexy

Simple gets to the point The easier something is to understand, the easier it is to interpret, implement and share. Simply put – simplicity sells.


5 Reasons Clients Choose a Specific Graphic Design Company

5 Reasons Clients Choose a Specific Graphic Design Company Creative Caterpillar is a leading design firm that has been building out-of-this world brands for nearly two decades. Some of the foremost skills which an effective graphic design company should excel at, include: Fresh Thinking & Great Ideas The Team Expertise The Work Brand Advice The main role of a graphic design company is to provide on-brand visual communications that help clients differentiate themselves and help solve complex marketing challenges. In this


5 Benefits of Corporate Branding

5 Benefits of Corporate Branding Clients typically choose to do business with brands they share values with. When developing an out-of-this-world brand, highlighting and dramatising the brand’s intrinsic values help build an emotional connection with the target audience – something equally vital where corporate branding is concerned, and not just in retail or commercial industries, for example. Corporate branding done right prepares the groundwork for brand loyalty to follow in its wake. And brand loyalty often has the potential to last a lifetime


Top 5 High-Performance Brand Strategy Tips

Top 5 High-Performance Brand Strategy Tips A clear, well-defined brand strategy is the single most important organisational exercise one needs to conduct when developing a brand; other than the time spent on concept, design and copywriting, of course. Bottom line – thinking, and structure should always happen first. There can be no creative that hits the mark without a brand strategy that ticks the boxes. Your brand strategy also dictates your marketing strategy. It provides a clear reason for why you


5 Benefits of a Powerful Corporate Identity

5 Benefits of a Powerful Corporate Identity A clear, well-defined corporate identity is like having your own personal North Star – it guides you towards taking business actions that make your company more: Memorable Trustworthy Distinctive Aligned Secure In modern times, due to an unrivalled upsurge in online competition, having a distinct identity and message has never been more important to help distinguish your business. 1. Powerful identity makes you memorable Though considerably more consumers these days take the time to do a proper


Brand Identity Metamorphosis

Brand Identity Metamorphosis As per our previous blog on "7 Key Elements to Create a Strong Brand Identity," we have honed in on why a brand identity is important, and what factors contribute to making it successful. A successful brand identity should be: Distinctive Memorable Agile Cohesive Easy to apply One case study used for research on brand identity is Homi, a Noodle Bar in Australia. Their brand is strong, simple and sophisticated. This sophistication and simplicity has been brought through


Corporate Brochure Design: How to Make It Stand Out

Corporate Brochure Design: How to Make It Stand Out When it comes to brochures, it’s all about the design. It is essential that your brochure design reflects your brand identity because this vital piece of literature is an integral part of your business and you need to make it worthwhile. A successful brochure design can grab the audience’s attention and make them read the information inside. Imagine sitting in traffic and being handed a plain brochure only for you to toss it


Corporate Profile Design: How to Develop One That Works for You

Corporate Profile Design: How to Develop One That Works for You A corporate profile is a professional introduction to your business. It can be used as a marketing tool to attract potential clients and investors, as well as distribute to high-level stakeholders who are interested in understanding your business and service offering. Just like your curriculum vitae, your company profile must contain content that is informative and related to your business. For that reason, you need to ensure that your business profile


How to Integrate Branding into your Corporate Interior Design

Figure 1 - How To integrate branding How to Integrate Branding into your Corporate Interior Design Corporate interior design speaks volumes. Most business owners understand the importance of using consistent branding and are now taking it a step further to link their brand identity to their physical workspace. Creating a well-thought-out office interior space is extremely beneficial in many ways because it reinforces and communicates your company culture and mission to clients