5 Benefits of Banner Design

5 Benefits of Banner Design

  • Increase Response Rate
  • Boost Sales
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Attract More Customers
  • Cost & Time Effective

There are numerous reasons why using banners to promote your business is a good idea. Looking back at the Roman Empire, the Spanish Conquests, East-Indian Dutch Traders, Ancient Egypt and even WII visual propaganda, banners have been around for centuries. And with good reason. Banners offer an affordable canvas which you can use to create long-lasting, striking visual communications that enhance any content you may have.

Other than early signs of Neanderthal communications and colourful mating rituals in the animal kingdom, your garden-variety banner is the oldest form of advertising known to man.&nbsp

Whether you need to promote a new product, service – or whether you need to build your brand on ground-level through visual communications place to place – the banner has proved its efficiency time and time again. It remains a highly popular and cost-effective choice to this day.

Of course, we have long since progressed since the medieval ages. These days, banners can be in printed or digital form. There are a wide array of options you can choose from in terms of textiles, colours, patterns, sizes; even levels of durability (UV protect / steel or poly structure) can be selected depending on where you will be using the banner.


Banner Design - client - Country Store - Sharkfin banners-min

Figure 1: Country Store Sharkfin Banners


Let’s unpack the five reasons why we believe banner design is a worthwhile investment in today’s times:

Increase Response Rate

We would all relish a high response rate to our advertisements. Sometimes, however, it just takes a while to get a response. Depending on the kind of service, responses typically occur when an urgent need arises. In such cases, it is a good idea to have banner design make up a part of your integrated communications strategy. In terms of the actual banner design, there are various ways to improve your content and as such – up your response rate.

These include personalising content as much as possible, introducing yourself and what you do, keeping messages short and simple, explaining the benefit to your audience, building credibility, doing the unexpected, and creating some FOMO where appropriate.

Boost Sales

Thought banner design wasn’t that big at attracting new business? Think again.

Banner design is a great, inexpensive way to get your message out there and increase sales. Think about it. You can tell the world about your products through visuals, words and even infographics. A good example of how banner design can help improve your content is how the banner Creative Caterpillar designed for Nelson Mandela University helped enhance their photographical content in social media circulation.


Banner Design - client - Nelson Mandela University stacked corporate identity logo with slogan-min

Figure 2: Nelson Mandela University corporate identity logo

Banner Design - client - Nelson Mandela University drop down wall banner-min

Figure 3: Nelson Mandela University drop down wall banner 

Banner Design - client - Nelson Mandela University pop up banners-min

Figure 4: Nelson Mandela University pop up banners


Perfect for enhancing photo content, well-designed banners actually maximise content value in a big way. These days there are banner designs that show TV ads in digital banner format. Banner design gives you the freedom to portray your product in a way that really connects with your audience. 

Create Brand Awareness

Good banners are visible and noticed by customers instantly. It is an excellent source of brand awareness. The offer, product or service on the banner design – even if not acted on immediately – will still be embedded in the customer’s and, over time, when the need arises, we recalled to memory. 

To ensure that your message potential is optimised, consider making banner design a part of a larger, integrated communications strategy. This is something that the creatives at Creative Caterpillar have specialised in for nearly twenty years.

Banner Design - client - Tengwa Africa corporate identity logo-min

Figure 5: Tengwa Africa corporate identity logo

Banner Design - client - Seamaster and Tengwa Africa pop-up banners-min

Figure 6: Tengwa Africa and Seamaster SAPICS expo stand with pull up banners

Banner Design - client - Dü Paint + Tool corporate identity logo-min

Figure 7: Dü Paint + Tool corporate identity logo

Banner Design - client - Dü Paint & Tool Hanging banners-min

Figure 8: Dü Paint + Tool in Centurion reception area with Hanging banners

Attract More Customers

Banner design will surely attract new customers in due course. 

Visual publicity as well as word of mouth adds to the effect of your banner design and gets people interested in your product faster. 

Cost & Time Effective

Banner design can be easily set up. It is not as complex or time-consuming as a digital campaign. Simply contact Creative Caterpillar and state your requirements. We will set up a meeting with you and capture all the necessary details, after which we will design a solution for you and present it to your team.

Every great movement in history has a flag. In truth, a banner is no different. 

For a professional proposal, contact Creative Caterpillar today.


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