Brand Identity Metamorphosis

Brand Identity Metamorphosis

As per our previous blog on “7 Key Elements to Create a Strong Brand Identity,” we have honed in on why a brand identity is important, and what factors contribute to making it successful. A successful brand identity should be:

  • Distinctive
  • Memorable
  • Agile
  • Cohesive
  • Easy to apply

One case study used for research on brand identity is Homi, a Noodle Bar in Australia. Their brand is strong, simple and sophisticated. This sophistication and simplicity has been brought through into their interiors, reinforcing the brand spatially as well. Their corporate colours are black and white, with a small dose of blue, creating a bold approach to their look and feel.

Brand Identity Homi business Cards-min

Figure 1: Homi business Cards

Brand Identity Homi Interior Space-min

Figure 2: Homi Interior Space

Mitchelton Winery is another simplistic and minimalist brand identity, but it has a broader colour palette than Homi. The brand architecture makes use of the colour palette to differentiate the sub brands, which is both a memorable and agile way of building the overarching brand.

Brand Identity Mitchelton Hotel-min

Figure 3: Mitchelton Hotel

Brand Identity Mitchelton Brand Architecture-min

Figure 4: Mitchelton Brand Architecture

Creative Caterpillar strives to keep the five key point mentioned previously when developing brand identity for clients.

Tengwa Africa is one example of a brand that we have developed. They provide transportation services throughout Southern Africa, and so we used the African continent as an icon to represent both their expansive reach and the great distances they travel. The colour green is also used to indicate their connection to the agricultural industry.

Brand Identity - Client - Tengwa Africa Logo-min

Figure 5: Tengwa Africa Logo

To design a logo look and feel for Vencor we created a device that has two elements which represent the two sectors of their industry: the feedlot and the abattoir. The font driven logo also represents precision and their pristine approach to handling and preparing meat.

Brand Identity - Client - Vencor Logo-min

Figure 6: Vencor Logo

There are logos that are designed for different marketing platforms such as House of Granite which has an accompanying graphic, sub-brand, font-driven logo, emblem, and its slogan. In different applications, these elements will be used to create a marketing platform.

Brand Identity - Client House of Granite Logo & supporting graphic-min

Figure 7: Client House of Granite Logo & Supporting Graphic

The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly is the driving force of how Creative Caterpillar was created. The ‘V’ in ‘Creative’ and the last ‘A’ in ‘Caterpillar’ is a graphic conceptual representation of a butterfly. These examples all illustrate good brand identity development.

Brand Identity Creative Caterpillar Logo-min

Figure 8: Brand Identity Creative Caterpillar Logo

If you want to have your brand identity developed and taken to the next level, then contact Creative Caterpillar.

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