Creative Design Company Guide: Corporate presentations, their trends and trade

Creative Design Company Guide: Corporate presentations, their trends and trade


As a creative design company, corporate presentations are part of our service offering to our clients. The purpose of a corporate presentation is to share information with one’s employees, managers, stakeholders and investors. With the current pandemic, companies are turning to digital means of sharing information more than ever. Face-to-face meetings are no longer an option, and so we now completely rely on online gatherings, where documents and screens can be shared with clients and employees. It goes without saying that corporate presentations are essential for visual communication in these tough times. A well-crafted presentation is an incredibly effective way to communicate with your audience and will always demonstrate professionalism. What better way is there to achieve this than having a creative design company design one for you?

In this article, our creative design company will explain the different types of presentations that we offer, the formats we tend to work in, and why it is important to have a well-crafted presentation.


1. Presentation Types


When requesting a presentation design, you can ask your creative design company for one of the following types:

  • Training / Skills Presentation
  • Company Performance Presentation (reports)
  • Marketing Presentation

Training / Skills Presentation

If your company starts using a new system or program, a ‘Training / Skills Presentation’ can be designed for your staff. It will enable a simple and clear method for the new information to be communicated. It will also be in an ideal format to send electronically for employees to keep on hand.

Company Performance Presentation

Evaluating your company’s performance is essential for growth. Having a ‘Company Performance Presentation’ designed is a very effective way of taking the collected data and communicating it to your staff in a clear manner. Graphs and important metrics can be visualised, and all of the valuable information you want to share can be easily accessible.

Marketing Presentation

A ‘Marketing Presentation’ is essential for attracting new business. Being able to present your offering (goods or services) to prospective investors or clients in an impactful and modern way will be the key to moving forward and improving your ROI.


2. Presentation Formats


Whether a presentation is for personal use, inhouse use, or business use, it is an excellent way of presenting your information visually without necessarily being physically present. An engaging presentation shows preparation and professionalism, and it helps to reinforce a company’s corporate image. A creative design company can design a presentation as either a PDF slideshow or a Microsoft PowerPoint.


3. Case Study



Embassy House is situated in Luano City, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The establishment offers office space for businessmen, ministers and presidents with a range of other luxury facilities available. As a creative design company, we were asked to design a modern crest logo for Embassy House, and to prepare a vibrant corporate presentation to assist them in communicating their offering.


Creative Design Company client Luano City Embassy House logo-min

Figure 1: Luano City Embassy House Logo


Creative Design Company client Luano City Embassy House logo progression-min


Figure 2: Luano City Embassy House Logo Progression


Marketing Presentation

After completing the logo we developed a marketing presentation for Embassy House using PowerPoint. It was requested that the presentation be bright, eye-catching and editable for future updates. Figure 3 depicts the slide template we developed for a section of the PowerPoint. Figure 4 depicts one of the slides within the presentation.


Creative Design Company client Luano City Embassy House PowerPoint Presentation with logo-min


Figure 3: Luano City Embassy House Presentation Slide of the logo background


Creative Design Company client Luano City Embassy House PowerPoint Presentation The Golden Mile-min


Figure 4: Luano City Embassy House Presentation Slide


4. Design Trends


When it comes to keeping up with what is trending in the industry, a creative design company could consider making use of the following:

  • Minimalist Mobile App UI Design
  • Visual Timelines
  • Impactful Gradients
  • Line Icons
  • Vector Graphics

Minimalist Mobile App UI Design

What this means is to have a presentation on your mobile device. We live in times where we are constantly on the go. The need to be both visual and minimalist is more of a demand than text-heavy, cluttered designs. The best way to create these designs is by app interfaces on your phone.

Visual Timelines

Timelines are effective tools that can be used in corporate presentations. It is a different take on visual storytelling, and allows you to create your story by using infographics.

Impactful Gradients

Colours evoke feelings and emotions. Gradients are not new to design, but they are back on trend and are likely to stay. A gradient is a blend of two or more colours that creates a smooth transition from one to the other. In a presentation, gradients can be used as backgrounds, shape fills or text fills.

Line Icons

Custom-made line icons are valuable brand assets, and are a great way of communicating information visually. Rather than using a lot of copy, or many images, line icons are a modern and simple way of organising information and building up a brand’s corporate identity simultaneously.

Vector Graphics

Custom-made vector graphics are one of the most important design assets that a creative design company can offer. They add personality to presentations and enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Well-designed vector graphics give a premium look to a presentation and are easily editable when updates or changes are necessary.

The four trends mentioned above could all be applied to any of the presentation types previously discussed.

Should you require a creative design company to design a corporate presentation, please contact Creative Caterpillar Design & Brand Agency to assist you.

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