How Corporate Videography Grows Revenue

How Corporate Videography Grows Revenue

  • Boosts sales
  • Delivers excellent ROI
  • Builds trust
  • The Internet loves video
  • Encourages social sharing

According to Facebook, Forbes and various leading online resources, corporate videography marketing in 2020 will continue to produce revenue growth for those willing to embrace the opportunity. With its ability to visualise, explain, and showcase concepts, products, services, processes, metrics and more – corporate videography is simply burgeoning and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Here are some ways in which corporate videography adds value to your brand:

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Figure 1: Bluechip Mining Solutions Stacked Logo

1. Boosts Conversions and Sales

Let’s take a look at the facts. Over 500 million video hours are logged every day on YouTube. That’s an upload of approximately 72 hours of video every 60 seconds. Video is in high demand all over the Internet. It is being created, watched and shared like never before. If your conversion rate is dipping, you need to invest in corporate videography. Videos perform much better than images, because they allow the user to get an engaging look at your product or service from multiple angles. It also engages more of your senses, which means audiences have a richer experience when watching corporate videography.

2. Delivers Excellent ROI

YouTube’s data shows that corporate videography is back in business in a big way. In previous years when television was the leading form of entertainment, there was virtually nothing to compete with it. Of course, it also costs a great deal to produce, so only the big brands could afford it. But these days, corporate videography is watched on YouTube 50% more than TV ads. 

3. Builds Trust

When it comes to driving conversions, trust is one of your biggest assets. More than with any other media, video drives this. Working with a corporate videographer shows you how video helps people empathise with what they see on the screen. Demonstrating ways to simplify or improve the understanding of customer pain points. You can use a corporate videographer to shape videos for each chapter of your customer buying journey. This creates trust in your ability to provide the right kind of solutions.

4. Connects on a Deeper Level

Videos connect like nothing out there. Apart from being a multi-sensory experience, moving visuals are stored in your long-term memory bank. Not only does video content last longer in your mind, it’s also processed much faster – 60 000 times faster than text. Add to that the benefit of minimal effort needed from the user to engage with your content, and it becomes a clear winner. 

Here is an example of our team working with our resident corporate videography expert to tell the brand story of one of our mining clients in the Northern Cape:


Footage 1: Bluechip Mining Solutions Corporate Video


5. Encourages social sharing

People share entertaining videos to make other people laugh. They share sympathetic videos to inspire others or make them feel better. There are many other ways to do this, but corporate videography is the whole package. From the engaging voice-over speaking directly to you, to moving visuals that paint you a picture that is free of anything unintended. Video eliminates grey areas. It can convey the full spectrum of human emotion, and can therefore tell stories better than any medium known to man. If you share videos, you share the experience.

By making use of Creative Caterpillar, you can access impactful corporate videography that communicates your unique brand story, generating revenue for your business. Visit our website for more on our creative services. We look forward to discovering how we can help your business achieve future growth.

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