What is the difference between a company logo and a corporate identity?

What is the difference between a company logo and a corporate identity?

Let’s face it, a company logo and a corporate identity may seem like the same thing but it’s not. They are two different objects fighting to be understood in the world of branding, however, they do come from the same entity. In this article, the description of a company logo and corporate identity will be and how they are used.

What is a company logo?

In our previous blog, 4 Reasons Why a Company Logo Design Is Important For Your Business we described the types of company logos and its importance suited to your brand. It is the symbol of the company’s identity, a graphic element and the face of the company that entices the viewer, which can be used to convey the company’s corporate identity. It provides an insight into the companies values and creates brand loyalty.

SKK Engineering is a versatile brand that offers services in industrial cleaning, maintenance, civil and project management. The company is a 100% black woman-owned enterprise based in Centurion.


Company Logo client SKK Engineering primary stacked pink logo on white background-min


Figure 1: SKK Engineering stacked primary logo – pink on white background Company logo


Company Logo client SKK Engineering secondary linear pink logo with blue background-min


Figure 2: SKK Engineering linear secondary logo – pink on blue background Company logo


This company logo represents the perfect fusion of SKK Engineering’s strengths.

  • Elements locking together to create strength
  • Alignment and balance
  • Shapes found in engineering equipment and machinery

Did you know that 85% of consumers consider colour the most important factor in whether they are going to buy a product or not? Colours of your company logo are an important factor in determining your client’s decision making. The first impression your brand, product, or service makes will also be formed largely by the colour.
SKK Engineering’s colour palette is based on following primary and secondary colours as depicted in figures 1 and 2.

The primary colour is pink which means:

  • Precision
  • Intuition
  • Femininity
  • Will-power
  • Intellectual strength

The secondary colour is shades of blue which means:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Determination
  • Stability
  • Unity
  • Physical strength

Now that we have a clear description of what a company logo, let’s identify what a corporate identity is

What is a corporate identity?

In our previous blog, ‘5 benefits of a powerful corporate identity’ which provides a clear description of all the companies assets, stationery, and concept of marketing which would include an understanding of the brand, website, corporate profile and the look and feel. In a nutshell, the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. it should show consistency regarding the brand.

The services icons and slogan for SSK Engineering would fall under the corporate identity of the branding. The icons and slogan would play many roles in various materials according to its brand manual, which is a guide that conveys your brand in depth.

The four services offered by SKK Engineering are as follows:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • maintenance and modification
  • Civil and auxiliary
  • Project management

Company Logo client SKK Engineering services icons-min


Figure 3: SKK Engineering icons


Here is a description of the SKK Engineering services icons according to its services:

  • Industrial cleaning: the half-circle spray pattern from the hi-pressure cleaning nozzle can be seen in this icon, as well as the curves of the supersucker vehicles, industrial cleaning equipment and drops of liquid.
  • Civil and auxiliary: this icon contains visual references to machinery, wheels, rollers, pipes and water treatment plants – all services offered under SKK Engineering’s civil and auxiliary facet.
  • Maintenance and modifications: A visual reference to the development and maintenance of industrial plants. The shapes represent the addition of new sections to the plant, and the repetition of the shapes represents consistency and precision.
  • Project management: this icon represents a group of managers, working together to optimise projects and streamline work flow.

The shape of the icons was inspired by the logo design as well as the various services SKK Engineering offers to their clients. The end result ensures a consistent visual language throughout the application of the corporate identity.

Another part of the corporate identity is the SKK Engineering slogan ‘Power to Precision’ which is broken up in a literal and figurative meaning:

The literal meaning:

From power tools and heavy-duty construction work to detailed design, planning, and meticulous execution, this slogan captures the essence of what makes SKK Engineering unique:

  • Women-led company
  • Supported by a powerful team
  • Precision is intrinsic
  • Power redefined

The figurative meaning:

Precision is a trait synonymous with female leadership. While physical power and strength should not go understated, women-led engineering firms embody methodical care, focus, intellect, and discipline.
Just like the body follows the mind, power follows precision. The strapline is a celebration of female strength and team power; of balance and organizational exactness. Therefore, all the power to precision.


Company Logo client SKK Engineering Business card designs-min


Figure 4: SKK Engineering Business cards


In conclusion, the overarching of everything is the brand then comes the corporate identity and lastly comes the company logo which is the smallest part of your brand.

As an example of worldwide companies, brands such as Google, Coca Cola, and Uber are all a font driven company logo, once this is placed onto a search engine, cooldrink can or an app according to its brand, it would be classified as a corporate identity.

If you require a company logo or a corporate identity for your business, please contact Creative Caterpillar Design and Brand Agency for more information.

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