Why is a business card design still important for your company

Why is a business card design still important for your company

In a world dedicated to an online lifestyle of social media, websites and digital chatrooms, one would rarely rely on a business card design as a form of contacting/communication. Most of our contact is made via email, video calls, and Whatsapp, but certainly, the best form of meeting with clients personally is receiving a business card which includes all the necessary information to follow up digitally.

Here are a few points as to why business card design is important:

  • They deliver instant contact information
  • Long-lasting first impressions
  • Easily placed into a wallet
  • They serve as a marketing tool

They deliver instant contact information

While this is a great tool for a face-to-face meeting it also serves as a good networking tool. By meeting face-to-face builds trust. Handing a business card also allows us to handshake. Statistics have shown that it does show a better impression of those who offer a hand in greeting. The significance of having a business card is engaging in eye contact and actual conversation which is how real relationships begin.

The Dental Practice, a dentistry practice situated at the V&A Waterfront has a business card design that features sharp and round edges that resembles the tools and teeth in the industry. In this industry, instant contact information is vital as medical care would be required immediately.


Business Card Design client The Dental Practice-min

Figure 1: The Dental Practice business cards



Long-lasting first impressions

Not only does your handshake hold a long-lasting impression or engaging in eye contact and having an actual conversation but so would your first impression of your business card design. What you decide to layout on your business card design will determine whether you providing a long-lasting impression. A business card that is designed well creates a memorable feeling.

According to a study, an overwhelming 72 percent of the people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business card. So it’s evident that the card can make or break your business. You will lose many customers if the card paper is too thin and its design fails to impress them. Do not forget that the quality of the cards matters. While personal warmth in sharing the cards is necessary, their quality material and design remind the clients of your professionalism.

One of the most professional and simplistic business card designs created by Creative Caterpillar is Tipublox Energy Group, a provider for bulk petroleum products and infrastructure. Their business cards were designed with only the necessary information. The focus was on the fresh new rebranding of the company. This business card design surely has a long-lasting first impression.


Business Card Design client Tipublox Energy Group-min

Figure 2: Tipublox Energy Group business cards



Easily placed into a wallet

Business card design is easily placed anywhere, in your bag, in your drawer, easily accessible required at any time. Digitally used contact information runs out of power, placing business card designs in more convenient criteria.

They serve as a marketing tool

Provided with a good long-lasting first impressions business cards serve as a great marketing tool. This marketing tool will provide you with networking like no other. If your business card has referable information that shows your skills this inexpensive marketing tool will work for you to getting your next lead.

As one of our clients Moov Fuel, we created their brand in 2010 and currently working on a brand refresh. This update shows that our client is keeping relevant with trends in design and information to their business card designs. Please see Moov Fuel’s new and old business card design:

Business Card Design client Moov Energy Group-min

Figure 3: Moov Fuel’s current business cards


Business Card Design client Old brand Moov Energy Group-min


Figure 4: Moov Fuel’s brand refresh business cards


It is important to state what is required on your business card, this allows you to be reachable and referable. Below are key details to what is needed on your business card design:

  • Logo and strapline
  • Name and functional job title
  • Contact info
  • Your website URL

Optional information would be social media profiles and addresses. The address and social media should be found on the website URL link placed on your business card as indicated on Moov Fuel’s business cards

As mentioned above we have concluded that business card design is still irreplaceable, no amount of automation can replace this. Business cards are used to promote businesses during expos, seminars and business meetings making it a professional encounter with a personal connection that is well prepared.

If you require a business card design please contact Creative Caterpillar to take your new design to the next level.

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